Revenue discloses new rules for monitoring large taxpayers

12/29/2020   It was published on December 7, by the Federal Revenue of Brazil (RFB), an ordinance that provides for the monitoring of the largest taxpayers, with the purpose of promoting and maximizing tax compliance. The standard, which will come into force on January 2, 2021, stipulates a series of monitoring activities, through which an […]

CAM-CCBC publishes new rules on emergency arbitrators

In Brazil, it is common that, when choosing arbitration as a method of conflict resolution, the parties need to request urgent measures, which cannot wait for the constitution of the Arbitral Tribunal. To meet this need, the emergency referee can be important. Recently, the Center for Arbitration and Mediation of the Chamber of Commerce Brazil-Canada […]

Covid-19 vaccinations and its impact on the employment contract

12/29/2020   The coronavirus pandemic caused several changes, especially in the labor world. In this sense, with the advance of vaccines offered by the pharmaceutical industries to prevent Coronavirus, labor relations may suffer impacts in the face of binomials such as mandatory or freedom, individual will or public interest. The Federal Constitution ensures that everyone […]

The Brazilian Regimes Of Separation of Property: What are the practical effects on divorce and succession?

12/29/2020     The separation of assets regime provided for in Articles 1,641, 1,687 and 1,688 of the Brazilian Civil Code (“CC”), is defined as a regime by means of which each spouse maintains exclusive ownership and right to use and manage property acquired before and during the marriage. This regime can be elected either […]

The Brazilian Federal Supreme Court decides not to recognize simultaneous stable unions

12/29/2020   In a tight score, the Brazilian Federal Supreme Court (STF), by 6 votes to 5, denied the recognition of simultaneous stable unions, in the judgment of Extraordinary Appeal No. 1,045,273. On that occasion, the appellant filed a request for recognition of the same-sex stable union, combined with a request for declaration of social […]

Anvisa authorizes emergency use of vaccine against COVID-19

12/29/2020   On December 10, the Brazil’s national sanitary regulator Anvisa approved a resolution which allows laboratories to request the authorization for experimental, emergency use of vaccines against COVID-19. The decision formalizes the announcement made on December 2, being the regulatory instrument that must be observed by the companies that develop the vaccines together with […]