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Tailor-made actions to mitigate risks

Smoothness and transparency are fundamental for companies in all sectors to achieve success. In addition to mitigating risks, these factors also ensure the best practices to conduct and develop business safely.

Utilizing the expertise of our lawyers trained in anticorruption and competitive compliance in Brazil and abroad, we have developed effective procedures for smarter, optimized and secure operations and processes. Every procedure is adapted to the reality of each case and client.

We are partners to our clients, so we work together to identify risks to which the business is exposed, designing and implementing customized compliance programs, policies and procedures tailored to the company’s needs, size and risks.

We offer anticorruption and competitive training in order to reinforce clients’ commitment to company values, corporate culture, and the legal parameters of business law. Participants may include the board of directors, board members, employees, subsidiaries and related parties, representatives, distributors and partners, as well as third parties with whom the company maintains business relationships.

In addition, we advise our clients on due diligence, anti-corruption and antitrust investigations and on all types of risk assessment operations.

How can we help:

  • Legal advice on the prevention of corruption, fraud and anticompetitive practices.
  • Revision, elaboration and implementation of customized compliance programs according to Brazilian laws and international best practices, adapted to sector, size and exposure to company risk.
  • Anti-corruption and anti-corruption training.
  • Elaboration of specific and customized policies according to the needs of the client.
  • Assistance with internal investigation process, ensuring independence and secrecy.
  • Anti-corruption and antitrust due diligence in M&A operations.
  • Defense and follow-up in Administrative Accountability (PAR) and judicial processes.
  • Representation in public civil action and in Administrative Proceedings before authorities.
  • Assistance with negotiation and elaboration of agreements, including leniency.
  • Assistance with evaluation of contractual obligations.
  • Risk Assessment.
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