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Environmental, Social, Corporate and Digital Governance

Environmental, Social, Corporate and Digital Governance

In a time of profound changes in the world and businesses, a growing number of investors want to put their money into sustainable businesses integrating environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance (ESG) factors into their strategies  

Achieving good ESG performance indicators is key when you want your business to be perceived as well managed, responsible and engaged. 

This paradigm shift in the corporate world – from a traditional capitalism model focused on the shareholders financial return, to stakeholder capitalism – is aimed at balancing the interests of all those involved with the company: shareholders, employees, business partners and consumers.   

Companies implementing – or in their way to implementing – this new model are usually more concerned about how their activities will impact the environment, about social inclusion and about concrete actions against inequality.  

Businesses that are in line with this new reality have been proved to be more profitable and resilient; they tend to be more engaged with their employees and committed to building good client relationship. The reason is simple: they have a purpose. 

In this scenario, having a business partner to guide you along the legal issues surrounding this process is of invaluable help. 


How we can help:

  • Providing pre-litigation consulting and helping clients devise strategies and avoid conflicts, including preliminary assessment of cases and preparation of documents and evidence. 
  • Facilitating communication among all stakeholders. 
  • Assisting and representing clients in amicable dispute resolution methods (including negotiation, mediation and conciliation).  
  • Assisting clients in conducting litigation strategically (including arbitration and judicial proceedings) 
  • Assisting clients in their governance and risk management activities, including by providing clients with advice on better decision-making processes, strengthening the relationship with stakeholders and enhancing performance and effectiveness.  
  • Providing risk management assessments and training.  
  • Preparing corporate documents and agreements, assisting clients in negotiating and defining strategies to achieve ESG excellence.  
  • Providing advice on contracts and internal rules to adjust the business setting for a better management of resources, including strategic planning in a wide range of areas. 
  • Conducting compliance, labor, corporate, environmental, tax and regulatory due diligence.   
  • Assisting clients on the legal aspects of innovation and technology:  
    • Data protection; 
    • Cyber security; 
    • Digital platforms; 
    • Ecommerce; 
    • Cryptography; 
    • Cloud computing; 
    • Internet of Things; 
    • Autonomous intelligent systems. 


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